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Meet the Artist

Meet Angie: "Welcome to my website!"

Angie Knost Photography is my studio located in St. Louis County, MO. I have 20+ years experience in photography, with a focus on commercial photography, Google Business Photos 360-degree panoramic tours, and publicity headshot photos of all kinds.

My “pre-photographer” work experiences include working as a make-up artist, fashion model (for clients including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bride’s Magazine and others) and modeling agency instructor/trainer.

I bring this related experience, in addition to a lifetime obsession with photographic learning, into every project I work on. I believe that the subject of the photo must be happy with the picture for it to be a “good picture”. A model or actor will be filled with confidence if they walk into an audition bearing a photo that is worthy of their talents. That is my prime objective, not just to take a nice picture, but to create one that you feel represents you, your business, or your product – one that you feel proud to show.

I have trained in the skill of “facial analysis” – the practice of evaluating a subject’s features and selecting facial angles, camera lenses, lighting and make-up techniques that are most flattering to their particular face. Lighting setups are tailored for each person’s features, facial shape and skin type. There is not a “cookie cutter” setup. This takes time, but I feel that my clients appreciate the care that I take in helping them present a flattering rendition of their likeness.

Overall, I’m happy when my people-photos have made a real connection with the viewer, when my food photos have made you hungry, and when my panoramic business views make you feel transported. Happy customers are the ultimate success.



 In our versatile studio, or on-location (limited areas).

Angie uses Nikon camera equipment.


Promotional and publicity photos of all kinds, for models, actors, musicians, performers and business professionals

Virtual Tours

360-degree panoramic photography. Angie was trained by Google in the early phase of interior Street View for businesses, and is certified to create virtual tours of businesses that appear in Google Maps. Angie is on the Google Maps “Trusted Pro” list.

Fashion and Editorial Photos

Model portfolios and composite cards.

Food Photos

Restaurant photography of food and interiors. Appetizing pictures for menus, social media, cookbooks, online ordering, bloggers and more.

Cat and Dog Photography

Offered seasonally, formal portraits of dogs and cats.


Photojournalistic coverage of events, concerts and festivals, available in a limited radius.


Professional makeup artistry and image retouching are available.


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