Angie Knost is a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, trained and certified to enhance your business presence across Google with a premium-quality 360° virtual tour, powered by Street View technology. It's simple, fast and affordable.
The Process
Contact Angie by phone or email. She will collect information to provide a quote, explain the process, and schedule your photo shoot.
The photo session takes 1-2 hours for most businesses and will only cover the public areas you designate. We respect the privacy of your customers by photographing when the business is unpopulated, or by blurring faces. The photography, 360-degree tour creation, upload and publishing process is taken care of by Angie. Your business is live on Google for the whole world to see in a short time. We make the process simple!
Why include your business in Google Street View? 
New Customers
Attract new customers by showing your stylish decor and atmosphere. Retail and restaurant businesses can create visual interest beyond what any standard advertisement could do. Dental and medical offices can stand out by showcasing their hygiene, professionalism and comfortable waiting-area atmosphere.

Vendor Confidence
Is your business a warehouse, wholesale or corporate office? Use your 360-degree virtual tour to let vendors, suppliers, retailers and associated businesses see the areas of your business you want to show off. Promote vendor confidence and share your professional image worldwide, with associates who might not otherwise visit and experience your facility firsthand.

Is your business a high-volume recruiter, call center or fulfillment center? Your Street View 360-degree virtual tour can let job applicants virtually experience your workplace environment, break room and other amenities to help attract quality employees who are a good match for your company culture.

Save Time
Do you give in-person tours of your school, retirement center, apartment common areas or other facility to interested prospects? A virtual tour can help you pre-qualify applicants that are serious from the ones who simply want to have a curious look at your facilities. A virtual tour can be experienced online before their visit, reducing the time you spend showing visitors around.

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