Angie Knost Photography is my commercial studio located in St. Louis, MO. I have fourteen years of experience in photography, with a focus on commercial photography, Google Business photos 360-degree panoramic tours, and publicity photos for musicians, models and actors.

My “pre-photographer” work experiences include working as a make-up artist, fashion model (for clients including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bride’s magazine and others) and modeling agency instructor.

I bring this related experience, in addition to a lifetime obsession with photographic learning, into every project I work on. I believe that the subject of the photo must be happy with the picture for it to be a “good picture”. A model or actor will be filled with confidence if they walk into an audition bearing a photo that is worthy of their talents. That is my prime objective, not just to take a nice picture, but to create one that you feel represents you, your business, or your product — one that you feel proud to show.

I have trained in the skill of “Facial Analysis” — the practice of evaluating a subject’s features and selecting facial angles, camera lenses, lighting and make-up techniques that are most flattering to their particular face. Lighting setups are tailored for each persons features, facial shape and skin type. There is not a “cookie cutter” setup. This takes time, but I feel that my clients appreciate the care I take into helping them present a flattering rendition of their likeness.

Overall, I’m happy when my people-photos have made a real connection with the viewer, when my food photos have made you feel hungry, and when my animal photos provoke you say, “Awwww”. Pleasing customers is the ultimate success.

~Promotional and publicity photos of all kinds for models, actors, musicians and other talent
~Google Virtual Tours – Trained and certified by Google to create Virtual Tours of businesses that appear within Google Search and Google Maps
~360-degree Panoramic Photography
~Fashion and Editorial Photography
~Model Portfolios and Composites
~Food Photography
~Magazine Illustration
~Cat and Dog Photography
~Rights Managed stock photography through authorized agents worldwide, including AgeFotostock (Spain), Alamy Ltd (UK) and Getty Images(USA)
~Photojournalistic coverage of Events, Concerts and Festivals

Other Services:
Professional make-up artistry and retouching services are available.

Angie uses Nikon camera equipment.



Angie’s Publication Credits and Clients Include:

  • Huffington Post

  • Good Housekeeping Magazine

  • Woman’s World Magazine

  • Performing Musician Magazine

  • Essence Magazine

  • Metromix/Gannet

  • Humane Society of the US

  • Webster-Kirkwood Times

  • Total Guitar Magazine

  • I Love Cats Magazine

  • Cat Fancy Magazine

  • Kittens USA Magazine

  • Inspire Quarterly

  • 101 Hairstyles Magazine

  • St Louis Sound Magazine

  • Rotten Records

  • Pepsi Smash Tour

  • Redbird Records and Touring

  • StarPulse

  • Zagat

  • AOL UK

  • BJC Hospitals

  • McGraw Hill

  • MetLife

  • Blockbuster Video

  • New York Magazine