Remove an old Google Virtual Tour


If you are updating a virtual tour on your Google business listing and your old tour was made in 2015 or before, the business’s owner or Google page administrator needs to remove the tour before a new tour can be uploaded.

1 –  Log in to your business’s Google My Business dashboard.

2 –  Click on the “photos” tab on the menu on the left.

3 – You will see a menu running horizontally near the top of the page that lists the types of photos. Your virtual tour photos are likely on the “By Owner” section, so try that one first to locate your old virtual tour photos.

4- There may be both 360-degree Virtual Tour photos and regular “still-photos” in this section. You only need to delete the 360 tour photos. There may be just a few of them, or very very many of them, depending on the size of your original tour. Locate the 360 photos, which are identified as being more elongated than regular photos, and display heavy perspective distortion, especially along the ceiling areas.

 5- Click on a Virtual Tour / 360-degree photo. (See my example photo, above, in which I have pointed one out with a red arrow ). You will probably then see the photo full-screen, with a Trash Can icon in the upper right hand corner (as noted in second example photo, below). Confirm deletion if requested.

6 – Repeat the deletion described in Step 5 for each individual Virtual Tour photo. This may be just a few, or may be many many dozens of photos, depending on the size of your original tour.


It may be several days before the photographer who completed your new Virtual Photos can upload the new pictures, as some time should be allowed for Google’s servers to refresh, thus confirming that all old photos are gone. If new tour photos would be added before the old photos are gone, this would result in a confusing mashup of both tours, and might be more difficult to correct later on.

Please note that the photos made from the Street, by the Google Street View car will not display a trash-can icon, and cannot be deleted. They will be updated and replaced by Google the next time the Google car is in your area.


Thank you for taking this extra step to make sure your Google Tour will display correctly !


Remove an old Google Virtual Tour