Mankind vs Nature art photo

This image available for commercial and editorial licensing, and as a fine art print. Contact Angie Knost for licensing info.


I happened on this landscape several years ago, and it provoked my imagination.

I’m not quite sure what these pillars supported; maybe a walkbridge or a small viaduct of some kind, something definitely man-made. To me, this scene represents the works of mankind versus the works of nature. The ‘works of mankind’ here have crumbled or ceased to function as they were first designed to (…or perhaps they were removed by storm, or demo-crew, or crumbled with time), but nature has continued on around it, pressing on, moving forward, overtaking the “concrete” works of man, or diminishing them in comparison.

While the ‘works of mankind’ and the ‘works of nature’ both appear to be reaching upward, nature has surpassed, and will presumably keep on striving. The two forces could be said to be striving together, side by side. Or you might think that one is languishing, after being created with effort, and one is moving forward effortlessly, reaching higher and higher, and growing stronger.

This scene reminds me a little bit of Stonehenge, which makes me wonder: could future generations find these old concrete pillars to be coincidentally aligned with some particular constellation, or support a system of recording time? Will they surmise that a past generation was symbolically spelling out a warning of a future disaster or miracle? Or will they say, “Hmmm, just some old concrete pillars.”?