While models certainly want to have a certain recognizable “look” that is their trademark, most agencies will advise their models to show a high degree of versatility in the photos they use to represent themselves (portfolio, zed card, etc). By being able to visually play different “roles” or types, models can maximize work opportunities.

Below are two images taken of the same model, during the same afternoon photo session. While both images would qualify as being “fashiony” rather than “commercial” and are basically variations of the same pose, as you can see, a great deal of variety can be demonstrated with a simple change of hair and make-up. Going from straight to curly is a way to change your look completely. The second image also has a lot of heavy black eyeshadow added, which is a simple, no-fail way to give your image a couture vibe.


Photo and make-up artistry by Angie Knost. License this image for commercial and editorial uses from Age Fotostock