Sharing your Google Virtual Tour within your company’s website is a great way for your customers to interact with your business online. Please note that your webpage must support iFrames for the embed to work. (If your website is WordPress based, you might need to download and install an iFrame plugin.)

Step 1:
Search for your business by name and location on Google. Then you must click MAPS at the top of the page to locate your business in Google Maps.

You MUST be using a desktop computer (no phones) to access this feature, and you MUST be viewing the tour in Google MAPS, not regular Google Search.


Step 2:

After you click MAPS in the heading, you should be brought to a Maps page with the business info on the left. Find the small photo with the 360-degree photo icon (circle/arrow) and click that to be taken to the Virtual Tour. Then, navigate to the vantage point in the tour where you would like your embedded tour to start (if you would like it to start at a different point than Google’s default starting point).


Step 3:

When the Virtual Tour appears, a dark gray box will appear in the upper lefthand corner of the tour window, showing business name and/or photographer attribution. Note that this box has three very small white dots on the right side. Click on those dots, and you will be presented with the embed option.


Step 4:

Click the ‘Embed Image’ heading on the new window that opens. You can select the size of your tour embed, and a custom code will appear that you simply cut and paste into the desired area of your website’s code. That’s all there is to it! Enjoy sharing your virtual tour with your customers.